Introducing Your AutoFix Auto Shop Coaches: Chris Cotton and Michael Gallini 

At AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching, the focus remains on always working hard to achieve the next goal. So, it just makes sense that the business grows by leaps and bounds every year.

To kick off 2022, the team proudly welcomes EurAuto Shop owner Michael Gallini as the newest coach to hop onboard. With this significant acquisition, Chris Cotton and the team can help even more auto repair shop owners in the coming years.

Want to meet the two auto repair coaches and see what’s in store for AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching? Here’s what you need to know.

Say Hello to Chris Cotton

Ever since he can remember, Chris Cotton has always honored the entrepreneurial spirit. Starting from his early days of earning pocket money at his Granny’s café, he has understood what it takes to achieve success in the business world. He used his natural business acumen to launch his enterprises, but it took a little extra prompting from a coach to help him learn how to maximize his profits.

Through that experience, Chris realized the value of coaching and decided to use his knowledge to help auto repair shop owners reach great heights. As he does that, AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching continually grows and thrives, showing what can happen when hard work backs a dream.

To help you get to know Chris a little better, here’s what he has to say about his vision, mission, and process.

What is Your Vision for the Future of AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching?

“Through the years, I would like to continue to inspire my employees, fellow coaches, and auto shop owners to achieve their goals. My goal is to assist all auto shop owners in the US that want help and get the support they need to thrive in building their enterprises.

I want to see every one of my clients waking up refreshed and ready to tackle the day, confident in their knowledge of achieving success. More than anything else, I hope to help people stay happy in their careers and genuinely enjoy what they do each day.”

What is Your Coaching Process – and Does It Work?

“The coaching process comes down to using the discovery sessions to figure out what auto shop owners need and then delivering it. Only through that process is it possible to see where they need help the most in fine-tuning their approach.

From there, it’s just a matter of building strong coach-client relationships and serving as an asset to their brand. As long as auto repair shop owners put in the work, the process works in helping them boost revenues and achieve all their goals.”

What Do Auto Repair Shop Owners Need and How Do They Get It?

“Auto repair shop owners need a coach willing to tell them the inconvenient truths and create a plan to get around those challenges. They need an accountability partner who always cheers on their successes and encourages them to try again after failed attempts.

What don’t they need? Long-term contracts. A solid relationship with a coach inspires the collaboration to continue. Cookie-cutter solutions never work either, which is why Chris personalizes his approach for every client’s needs.

Get To Know More About Chris

A Big Welcome to Michael Gallini

Michael Gallini has never shied away from hard work. He entered the competitive automotive industry 20 years ago as a technician with a drive for days. Through that thirst for learning, he worked his way up from apprentice to master tech through the BMW STEP program. Not long after that, he achieved his goal of becoming a Certified Porsche Technician. Then, he switched to working at independent shops, inspiring his dream to become a shop owner.

In 2015, that dream came true with the opening of EurAuto Shop in Plano, Texas. But Michael’s journey doesn’t end there. Upon discovering the magic of auto shop coaching from Chris Cotton, he decided to take the leap and become a coach. He now expertly navigates his way down both career paths, using each one to push the other to newfound levels of success.

Ready to learn more about Michael and his role as a valuable asset to the AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching team? Here’s a look at what he has to say about this opportunity.

What Made You Want to Become an Auto Repair Coach?

“I wanted to become a coach after seeing how well the support helps people succeed. I have a passion for seeing other people reach for the stars and achieve their goals.

With that, I jumped at the chance to become a coach when the opportunity presented itself. I hope to help others using the coaching system that helped me and play a role in bringing even more success into this world.”

Did Becoming a Coach Help Your Own Shop – and Vice Versa?

“Coaching definitely helps me fine-tune the processes at my shop as equally as being the owner of EurAuto Shop improves my ability to coach. Every day at the shop, I check in with my valued techs and see how I can lift them in fulfilling their roles. Then, I perform audits on phone calls, repair orders, and more, all while keeping focused on the big picture.

Through my role as an auto shop owner, I gain vital insights into the day-to-day challenges faced by our clients. I can put my own tactics to the test in real-time and see how well they help push the shop’s success to the next level.”

What are Your Goals as a Coach at AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching?

“Overall, I hope to help as many people succeed as possible while serving as an auto repair coach. I want to help shop owners understand where they could stand to improve their processes.

Then, I aim to assist them in adopting proven tactics that have a track record of excellence. Through this process, I hope to see them go from skeptical to seeing and believing, just as I did at the beginning of my coaching journey with AutoFix.”

Get To Know Michael Better

Ready to Partner with Your Auto Repair Coach?

If you want to get all the insights Chris Cotton and Michael Gallini have to offer, it’s time to get an auto repair coach on your side. To do that, just fill out the contact form, and our team at AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching will get in touch right away. We look forward to helping you achieve great success with your auto repair shop. So, please feel free to reach out at your earliest convenience to get started on this journey.


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