Community Corner

Working as an auto repair shop coach in the United States, Chris Cotton is proud to be a lifelong member of AMBUCS. AMBUCS is on the cutting edge of helping create mobility and independence for people with disabilities, and as a member of the auto repair industry for the last 3 decades, it is his honor to use some of his profits made from Save Our Shop to help those who are less fortunate. Using our funds, AMBUCS will find a person with disabilities to gift a therapeutic tricycle. This will allow a disabled person to gain much-needed mobility. We look forward to you having you contact us.

National AMBUCS, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization with a diverse membership dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities. If you are able to support their upcoming event, click on the image to learn more!

The Warrior Dog Foundation was founded by Mike Ritland as a place for retirement and rehabilitation of retired Warrior K9s slated to be euthanized. We provide a rare sanctuary of last resort and as a result, our retired K9s often stay with us for many years, and some live out their lives with us.

Once these retired K9 Warriors have completed their service and for whatever reason, are unable to continue on with their handler, the Warrior Dog Foundation helps transition them from an operational environment into our state-of-the-art kennel facility in Texas. We then ensure the care of each individual K9 with dignity and grace, including both mental and physical rehabilitation for the rest of their lives.