Hi, I'm Brent & I Am A Business Coach


I grew up in a middle class family in the midwest of America. My step-father was an entrepreneur at heart. He could never work for anyone for very long, it just wasn’t his style. His entrepreneurial dreams always carried our family along the way. This is most likely where I got my drive and need to be independent from any type of corporate structure. 

I started in the automotive industry on the collision side of the business. One of my good friends owns one of the largest independent collision shops in Missouri. He hired me as a service advisor with no experience. I have always been good on the sales side of any business and I think that is what got me the job. The training he provided, is what really allowed me to accelerate at that position. I have been in the industry ever since he hired me in 2002.

As stated earlier, I have always had the entrepreneurial spirit. My wife and I ventured out in 2006 and bought an independent auto repair shop. The shop was small, dirty, run down and made a little bit of money but now it was ours. We looked forward to molding it to the shop it is now. I soon found that growing a shop takes a lot of dedication, time, money and outside knowledge. The first three I had, well maybe not all the money, but where should I get the knowledge to grow my shop to the level I desired? I began to ask others in the industry – other owners, vendors, manufacturers, and marketing companies. One owner told me about his 20 group, which in simplest terms is a peer group of owners. I began the hunt for my 20 group and landed in the Service Center Scholars group. I gained so much knowledge from my peers in this group that it re-molded my business. As our group matured and grew we needed a great facilitator. This is when I met Chris Cotton, owner of Auto-Fix Auto Shop Coaching. Our group hired Chris to facilitate our meetings, shortly thereafter I decided to hire Chris as my coach.

Fast forward a few years. Chris has helped me grow my business from 900K to 1.4M (2022). I still have my meetings with Chris, take his advice and work his system. Yes, coaches have coaches. He has helped me so much that my time at the shop became a little boring. The processes and procedures we implemented, with great employees, left me with less to do. With Chris’s training and support I began coaching for Auto-Fix Auto Shop Coaching. I believe the auto repair industry is a great avenue for owners and employees to find a rewarding and respected career with great financial rewards. I want to help you find that success.

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