Many Business Owners Believe:

As an auto repair shop coach who deeply understands the auto repair industry in the United States, Chris Cotton has only one goal as a consultant. That goal drives his philosophy: Save Our Shop. As an auto repair shop owner, he knows that you work very hard to keep your shop thriving. He honors your hard work and entrepreneurship, and his life’s commitment is to make your auto repair shop the very best it can be!

Working in the auto repair industry in the United States for the last couple of decades, Chris has come to understand the needs of auto repair shop owners. As an auto repair shop consultant, he can help you work to meet your goals, whatever they may be. He offers a holistic approach to auto repair shop coaching that is seldom found elsewhere. He doesn’t just care about your bottom line or having you do busy work or meet goals that are meaningless for you.

Instead, Chris takes the time to get to know the real you: your struggles, heartaches, successes, and challenges. He takes time to set goals for you that matter to you. Your goals are his goals. Do you want to increase your car count? He can help. Google reviews got you bummed? We can take care of that. Struggling to know how to break into new markets? he can help with that, too. What matters to Chris is building your trust. He cares about building a relationship with clients. Auto repair shops are as unique as a thumbprint. 

AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching Philosophy; Professional, handsome middle aged man with glasses looking satisfied at an auto repair shop

What works for Joe’s in Georgia won’t be what Tony’s in Brooklyn needs. Clients inspire Chris every single day. Each day as an auto repair shop consultant, he gets to wake up and help auto repair shop owners in the United States achieve their dreams. Chris is sometimes so successful at doing this that they beg me to help them sell their shops because they become so busy!

 Here is a review from a happy client:

“Our business has been running into trouble since our takeover, and it has been very difficult to keep it profitable. We were alarmed and found Chris, let me tell you he is a blessing to this industry and treats the business like it’s his own. We are improving and getting on track in just a very short time after Chris has been applying his magic 😀  Chris goes above & beyond to support in a very quick and diligent manner, he is straightforward, speaks out the reality, and puts things into perspective. Another rescue to our business is his vast network in the automotive world, of which we are reaping the benefits in many ways. Having the ability to tap into his many years of experience, is priceless and we feel much more comfortable now that he is our go-to consultant. Chris, we are really glad to have you and truly appreciate your commitment and dedication.” — Rakan K.

You can trust that AutoFix is dedicated to one cause, and only one: Save Our Shop.

One call to an auto repair shop coach can mean the difference in the auto repair industry in the United States between closing the doors and having a windfall year. Give Chris a call today to see if AutoFix is right for you. Together, you will fill out a Scorecard for Success and see what the strengths and weaknesses of your auto repair shop business are. We can look up information on your auto repair shop and show you what we see about your business. Then, we can do a consultation so you can tell me more. Chris is a very unique accountability coach in the auto repair industry. He does not require contracts and will meet with you for 2-3 consultations, for one month. You can learn what he does, get a little bite of how he can help you, and decide if you want to work with him after that first month. This offer is risk-free for the shop owner for one month–no contracts, ever! Let’s Save Our Shop! We look forward to you having you contact us.

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