What Is The AutoFix Alpha Group?

In any organization, family, or group there is always a top-dog, the first, the leader. With that said, not every leader leads effectively and gets things done. The AutoFix Alpha Group is designed to help shop owners to lead their team effectively by growing and becoming the best they can be. 

By joining the AutoFix Alpha Group, members will be placed into small groups where they’ll engage in personal connections and relationships created to bring out the best in every member of the group. Here, you will become aware of needed areas of:

  • Personal and business growth, 
  • Solve problems, 
  • Mentor and be mentored, 
  • Plan and then execute strategies to ensure you reach your goals. 

With accountability from other AutoFix Alpha Group members, leadership, and doing the work required as a member, you can accomplish this and more.

AutoFix Alpha Group; image of the word alpha and it's definitions as it would appear in the dictionary

AutoFix Alpha Group Mission Statement

If you’re the only person in the room or if you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s time to get another room!

As an AutoFix Alpha, we believe in bringing the best knowledge, skills, and community to our auto repair shops. 

How Do We Accomplish This?

AutoFix Alpha Group members are engaged 100% and fully involved by:

  • Working with your group to establish your goals and overcome challenges.
  • Completing an interview to be accepted. This includes a look at personal goals, sharing financials, and a shop visit.
  • Operating your shop with the Alpha standards you learn as a member of The AutoFix Alpha Group.
  • Asking questions and  sharing needs within the Alpha Group before seeking advice and mentorship elsewhere.
  • Participating in two Alpha Group Zoom meetings per month. 
  • Attending two in-person meetings per year (two days per meeting).
  • Committing to being involved in the community.
  • Displaying a drive to teach and be teachable. 
  • Ready to get going? Start here.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The AutoFix Alpha Group?

  • Two monthly Zoom meetings with other group coach and members.
  • Access to the AutoFix Alpha Private Facebook Group.
  • Login to our Profit Gateway where you’ll track and measure change.
  • Two annual in-person meetings to be held at and hosted by a member at their shop/city.
  • On site visit from group members when we come to your town.
  • Smaller Accountability Group utilizing a Trello project board.
  • Additional ongoing personal communication via Marco Polo
  • Peer driven accountability. Share 4 shop goals and 2 individual goals per quarter.
  • Accountability to the group for implementation.
  • Mystery Shop Visit of your facility or review of your recorded phone calls.
  • Access to a Resource Library from facilitators and other group members.
  • All of this for a minimal investment of $489.00 per month!
  • This is for you. Ready to get going? Start here
Owner of AutoFix, Chris Cotton

“If you always do, What you’ve always done,

You’ll always get, What you always got. “

– Chris Cotton

Ready To Join The AutoFix Alpha Group?

Possibly the most important benefit you receive is being a part of a community of like-minded auto repair shop owners that fight the fight every day just like you, creating camaraderie and a support system that you can count on. Become an Alpha today. To get started, just complete the form below. 


“Chris has built confidence and helped us utilize all the tools available to optimize our customer service and selling techniques.”

– Bruce J.

“Breaking bread together is an opportunity for nourishment on so many levels.”

– Jen S.