Quick Lube Shops

When quick lube shops throughout the United States need an auto repair shop coach with a Save Our Shop philosophy and deep knowledge about the auto repair industry, they choose Chris Cotton of AutoFix as their auto repair coach. Whether they are already successful and want to take their shop to the level or their doors are about to close, Chris will offer support and solutions that will guarantee success. Your quick lube shop deserves the best guidance around and that’s exactly who you’ll find at AutoFix.

Quick Lube Shops benefit from AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching

There’s no reason that you should be concerned about the success of your quick lube shop when AutoFix is ready, willing, and able to get you back on track. Having an auto repair coach is a seamless, comfortable, and efficient way to identify your goals and take the steps to achieve them. Owner and founder of AutoFix, Chris Cotton, is able to determine the actions your quick lube needs to take in order to succeed. He’s a talented auto repair shop coach because he genuinely cares about his clients and intuitively knows the next right thing to do.

Here’s a recent rave review from a client:

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Chris beginning in 2012. Chris is an outstanding coach and mentor. Chris is also very attentive to the needs of his clients. He has an uncanny ability to listen and absorb situations and help come to a great direction in solving a problem or problems. Chris always goes out of his way to make sure things are going well and working towards the goals that are wanting to be obtained. He always took extra time whenever we needed him to either by phone or email even in instances when it wasn’t a normal time to speak. We would recommend Chris as a coach or mentor to anyone wanting change for the better, whether it be in their personal life, business or work, or even just for themselves as a whole. You couldn’t ask for a better person to work with then Chris. To us Chris is more than a coach and mentor, he is a friend.” — Anonymous

If you’re a quick lube shop in need of coaching, AutoFix is your leading choice. At AutoFix, you can expect the best auto repair shop coach in the auto repair industry in the United States. Our main mission is to Save Your Shop. There’s no reason for an auto repair shop to close its doors when AutoFix is available to help. Fill out the Scorecard for Success survey so we can assess where you’re at, look up information on your shop, show you what we see about your business, and do a consultation so you can tell us more. We can have 2 or 3 really good phone conversations, learn about what we do, get a little bite of how we can help you, and you decide if you want to work with us after that first month. We look forward to you having you contact us.

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