Proven, Effective,
Shop Owner Coaching

Stop Letting Your Shop Ruin Your Life

Stop Letti ruin ruin

Stop Letting Your Shop Run Your Life

Proven, Effective,
Shop Owner Coaching

Stop Letting Your Shop Ruin Your Life


Industry Knowledge

increased profits

“I wanted to let you know that we paid off a little under $20,000 in debt in the month of June. Plus we really liked the fact that we had our June sales tax dollars all set side and ready to go. We did not even sweat it this month.”

– J.S.


A voice of reason. A guide and ally. AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching will support and help you be accountable.


Imagine knowing what you don’t know. Imagine an industry professional who has been there and done that being the one to help you develop the perfect plan and process for your shop. That’s AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching.

Know your numbers

When you know, you know. There are very specific numbers in your shop that determine your success and guide the direction of training, marketing and more. We’ll help you know the numbers you need to know.

Our Proven Process:

It’s time to invite AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching into your shop. Our team understands you want control, security, education and accountability. You deserve someone who will listen, encourage and point you in the right direction, but also hold you accountable for your actions.

Imagine the feeling of now waking up when it’s good for you, walking into the shop knowing that your entire team is independently working and getting things done allowing you to do what you need to do.

You can support your family the way you’ve always wanted to, cash the checks sitting in the drawer, and maybe take a vacation! It’s time: become a part of the AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching community.

We’ve Been Featured In:

“Chris has built confidence and helped us utilize all the tools available to optimize our customer service and selling techniques.”

– Bruce J.

“Chris is a great coach who listens and then put a plan in place to succeed.”

– Todd W.

Our Pledge to you:

Listen, understand, and support you
Offer a handshake agreement – no contracts
Brainstorm brilliant ideas incorporating your values and beliefs
Be a sounding board for your ideas
Provide judgement free guidance
Challenge and encourage you
Pinpoint areas of improvement
Offer professional recommendations to help you reach your goals

Run your shop.

Don't let it ruin you

Run your shop.

Don't let it run you.

Don't let it run you.