10th Anniversary Celebration: A Decade’s Worth of Tips from Chris Cotton 

Time flies when you’re having fun – and helping people make their dreams a reality. Although the last 10 years have gone by in a flash, Chris Cotton has built up a lifetime of knowledge in that time. So, to celebrate his 10th anniversary as a coach at AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching, he’s here to share his insights with the world. Take a peek and learn all you can from his journey, and then get ready for what the next decade of auto repair shop coaching will bring.

1. Encourage Women to Join the Aftermarket Auto Repair Industry

It’s no secret. Women are few and far between in the automotive industry. But auto repair shops are doing themselves a real disservice by not diversifying their team at every level. Not only that, but as a shop owner, it’s your job to push your whole team forward in building their careers. So, aim to bring in more women, lift everyone up, and march toward true success as a team.

2. Embrace the Power of Digital Collaborations Through Zoom – Sooner

Zoom is so in now, but it’s long been a powerful tool for digital collaboration. If Chris knew back then what he knows now, video chats would have served as his relationship-building tool of choice long ago. Although he cannot go back in time, he makes up for the lost time by hopping on video calls whenever the opportunity arises. You should, too.

3. Overpay Employees to Keep Your Top Talent from Abandoning Ship

Want to keep your top talent from abandoning ship? Overpay them. That’s right. Throw so much money their way that they’re almost embarrassed at how much they make. In response, they’ll rise to the challenge and repay you tenfold for your generosity. On top of that, you won’t have spent all your free time on Indeed searching high and low for skilled workers.

4. Know Your Numbers to See Where to Improve Before It’s Too Late

Until you know your numbers, you’re in the dark about where you could stand to improve – and what you need to cut out altogether. Although it might feel challenging to look your failures in the face, you have to know your baseline. So, rip that Band-aid off and explore all the truths of your operations to get the info you need to create a plan for success.

5. Say “No” More Often and Put Your Time to Work for You

No. It’s a complete sentence and yet one of the hardest to utter in the moment. However, if you want to push your auto shop into a new era of success, you must become a true protector of your time. Otherwise, your agreeable nature will undoubtedly catch up to you, leaving you wishing you’d have saved your time and energy for your endeavors.

6. Create More Content Across All Digital Channels

If you want your brand to work for you while you eat, sleep, and play, then you need to create diverse content to share across all digital channels. Blogs, videos, podcasts, and even social media posts all go a long way in engaging your target audience. You can then serve as a critical resource for your readers, driving them to your shop by answering all their most pressing questions.

7. Throw Out the Playbook and Think Outside the Box

The truth of the matter is that there’s no one way to run an auto repair shop successfully. So, throw out that playbook and start thinking outside the box. You have to use a custom approach to running your business if you want to truly achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. Not sure how to get started? Just ask one of our auto repair shop coaching experts how to begin.

8. Pay Yourself First to Feel the Benefits of Your Efforts

As the shop owner, you need to pay yourself first as the profits come in. Otherwise, you won’t feel the benefits of making the tough decisions, causing you to lose motivation altogether. Change all that by rewarding yourself for your efforts, and the rest will follow.

9. Share the Good and Let Go of the Bad – Always

Although it’s essential to address your challenges and learn from your mistakes, hyper-focusing on the bad will only bring more negative energy your way. You get back what you put out in the world, after all, so put the focus on the good by sharing your successes far and wide. After taking your lessons from it, of course, let the bad wash away – and then, get ready to start again with your newfound knowledge.

10. Do Not Get Involved in Gossip – Shut It Down Immediately

Money talks, but it cannot make up for a toxic shop culture, especially one rife with gossip. Nothing good comes from gossip anyway, so never engage in it, no matter how tempting. Then, go beyond refusing to engage by shutting it down on the spot. Your shop will become a much happier, healthier place to work as a result.

Bonus! Two More

11. Don’t Let the Bad Employees Run Off the Good Ones

A single bad employee can run off a lot of your top talent if left unchecked. Then, before you know it, you’re stuck with one rotten egg and a dire need for help around your auto repair shop. To avoid that, just take a look around you, pay attention to how your employees interact, and be honest about your shop culture. Then, do what needs to be done when it becomes clear a lousy employee is running amok.

12. Put the Auto Shop Profits & Cash Flow System to Work

If Chris Cotton had to choose just one thing auto repair shop owners need, it would be the Auto Shop Profits and Cash Flow System. Getting in complete control of your money is #1 in driving your shop’s success. Do that, and the sky is the limit in what you can achieve. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about money ever again?

Want to See What Auto Repair Shop Coaching Can Do for You?

Although Chris Cotton has already served as an ally, guide, and voice of reason to auto shop owners for ten wonderful years, he’s just getting started. If you’d like to get his support as he starts the next decade at AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching, call 940-400-1008 or fill out our online form. By completing our discovery process, we can find just where your shop could use a little extra support. Then, we’ll go all out in creating a custom plan that helps you overcome the challenges. So, please reach out today to get insights and support from your knowledgeable accountability partner.


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