Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Auto Repair Shops: Boost Business Year-Round

Happy woman waving hand outside open window car with meadow and mountain background | Chris Cotton Blog Are you looking to pump up your business and get people thinking about your auto repair shops year-round? You need to harness the power of seasonal marketing ideas for your shop. Each season presents its own challenges for drivers, allowing you to pinpoint their specific needs and offer timely solutions. That way, you can simultaneously serve as their trusted car care partner and elevate your shop’s success. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Autumn: Gear Up for Change

The weather’s taking a turn, but it’s not quite freezing outside, so it’s a great time to prepare for the colder months. Use these autumn-inspired ideas to keep your customers engaged.

Thermal Testing

The chilly days are coming, making it the perfect time to check if cars stay warm inside. Offer sweet deals on thermal testing to ensure your customers’ heaters and defrosters are ready to keep customers warm.

Fall Maintenance Packages

With the holidays on their way, your customers likely want to save money, but that doesn’t mean they can skimp on car maintenance. Help meet them in the middle by bundling key services like oil changes, brake checks, and wiper replacements for one low price.

Emergency Kit Sales

With unpredictable weather ahead, your customers definitely need emergency kits in their cars. You can help them get prepared by selling premade kits packed with essentials like jumper cables, flashlights, and first aid items.

Winter: Prepare for the Chill

Frosty mornings, snowflakes, and the scent of pine in the air all mean winter has arrived. Help your customers brave the cold with these fabulous ideas.

Winter Tire Sales

Snow and ice make for tricky travels through the winter months. So, now is the time to hold big winter tire sales, helping boost your profits while keeping your customers safe on slippery roads.

Customer Appreciation Days

A little warmth goes a long way in cold months. Show your customers you appreciate their visits by offering free coffee, cookies, and special discounts for one week this winter.

Collaborative Community Events

The holiday season is all about giving and lifting up your community. Show how much you care by partnering with local businesses for events like toy drives, holiday meal deliveries, and more. Bring customers back to your shop afterward by offering discounts for donating toward the cause.

Spring: Refresh and Revive

With flowers blooming, it’s time to shake winter’s slumber and get a fresh start. Dive into these spring-themed offers to rejuvenate both cars and customer relationships.

Fluid Flush Fest

After winter ends, almost every car needs a little TLC. Offer deals on fluid flushes and changes to revive vital fluids, including oil, coolant, and brake fluid.

Referral Discounts

Spring is all about growth. So, focus on growing your customer base by giving discounts to customers who bring in friends and family. Step up the rewards with the number of referrals brought in to inspire a little friendly competition.

Maintenance Bundle Deals

The spring season is another excellent time for maintenance bundles. Think tire rotations, wheel alignments, engine and cabin air filter changes, oil changes, and AC service to get people through the doors.

Summer: Get Ready for Road Trips

Sunshine, open roads, and beach vibes call for road trip adventures galore. Ensure your customers’ rides are prepared to hit the road with these sizzling offers.

Fuel Efficiency Checks

With vacations on the horizon, help drivers save on gas with a discount fuel efficiency checkup. Offer this service as a part of a package deal to encourage customers to spend more to save more.

Road Trip Inspections

Fuel efficiency is not the only thing your customers need to consider to enjoy their summer travels to the fullest. They must also check their car’s major systems to ensure they’re trip-ready. To help them out, offer free road trip inspections for a limited time.

Loyalty Program Incentives

As outdoor temperatures rise, you can also heat things up by offering loyalty program incentives. Maybe offer your regulars extra points for their July visits or provide even bigger rewards during the summer.

Get Business Coaching for Help Creating Year-Round Deals

As you seek ways to enhance your business success, why not find a trusted partner of your own? At AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching, Chris Cotton and the rest of our team offer the business coaching services your shop needs to grow and thrive.

When you partner with us, you get all the best auto repair shop coaching services and our endless support. We’re also always happy to point you toward the leading marketing ideas and auto shop marketing companies.

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