Why Choose AutoFix? Mid-Year Client Status Report

If you want to improve your Auto Repair Business whether it’s a traditional auto repair shop, tire shop or quick lube then AutoFix is your best choice for a custom program that fits YOUR shops needs. I don’t do cookie cutter programs that fit “every” shop.

I’ve gone back and forth about publishing this information. I’ve always thought it felt like bragging. The more I think about it the more a saying I tell my clients comes back to haunt me. “You have to make soldiers for your business and YOU have to make sure people know how great you are, if YOU don’t tell them no one else is going to do it for you.”

With that in mind I have created the mid-year report to brag on my clients and maybe a little bit about myself.

All data is through the end of August 2018 and compared to the same time period through August 2017.

  1. Total Sales- My average client revenue through this time period is 851,232 which ends up as a percentage to be 18%. As you will see below we have seen an increase in ARO & small increase in car count. It seems to be kind of crazy across the country. Some are having double digit car count increases and some are flat. Fortunately we have been able to increase labor times per ticket. Some shops have also added tires sales to their revenue strategy. Good news though is that we as a whole are up for the year.
  2. Car Count- This is the one that perplexes me and most of you as well. On average we were able to have an average car count increase of 5%. To give you an idea my average shop has a car count of about 220 cars per month.
  3. ARO or Average Repair Order- 498.60 this is a 10% increase over same time last year. Fortunately most of my shops are doing a great job of doing the vehicle inspections and PWP Presenting Without Pressuring. The shops with the greatest increases have one thing in common. That’s they have all gone to digital inspection programs!
  4. LHPT- Labor Hours Per Ticket- On average my shops are up 16% for the year averaging 2.3 LHPT.
  5. Review score-On average these shops are scoring a 4.89. This is up a little over last year. Our current focus is getting as many of these reviews on Google.

My clients have done a great job this year working on their businesses instead of working in them. Our struggle is always making time to track and measure and then being able to be brave enough to make a decision and then following it through to the end. If you would like a FREE CONSULTATION and a FREE MONTH of COACHING don’t hesitate to click the link and let me know. You can also join our 20 GROUP PROGRAM if you don’t wish to have monthly coaching.

Chris Cotton is THE Coach at AutoFix, he has helped his clients realize over 10 million dollars in Return ON Investment in his coaching career. He would love to help you realize your dreams and reach your goals for your business as well as your personal life. Please feel free to click the links above or you can email him at: chris@autoshopcoaching.com


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