Business Coach / Consultant

Join other shops in the United States in the auto repair industry who choose autofix when they’re seeking a first-rate business coach/consultant. Save Our Shop is the theme created by owner, Chris Cotton and when he gets to work on your business as an auto repair coach and business coach/consultant, he’ll do just that.

AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching acts as your business coach/consultant, teaching you how to successfully manage your business

Chris Cotton is successful at being an effective business coach/consultant because he possesses deep empathy for people and a genuine interest in service. As a successful auto repair shop coach, he has established a very credible reputation for guiding shops in the auto industry to where they want to be to achieve their goals. The right business coach/consultant can literally make your dreams come true. Sometimes you just need the right guidance to get you where you need to go. With Chris as your business coach/consultant, you’ll be in the best hands.

Check out this 5-star review from a customer who was quite happy with autofix:

“Our business has been running into trouble since our takeover, and it has been very difficult to keep it profitable. We were alarmed and found Chris, let me tell you he is a blessing to this industry and treats the business like it’s his own. We are improving and getting on track in just a very short time after Chris has been applying his magic 🙂 Chris goes above & beyond to support in a very quick and diligent manner, he is straightforward, speaks out the reality and puts things into perspective. Another rescue to our business is his vast network in the automotive world, of which we are reaping the benefits in many ways. Having the ability to tap into his many years of experience, is priceless and we feel in much more comfort now that he is our go-to consultant. Chris, we are really glad to have you and truly appreciate your commitment and dedication.” — Rakan K.

At autofix, you can expect the best business coach/consultant and auto repair shop coach in the auto repair industry in the United States. Our main mission is Save Our Shop. There’s no reason for an auto repair shop to close their doors when autofix is available to help. Fill out the Scorecard for Success survey so we can assess where you’re at, look up information on your shop, show you what we see about your business, and do a consultation so you can tell us more. We can have 2 or 3 really good phone conversations, learn about what we do, get a little bite of how we can help you, and you decide if you want to work with us after that first month. We look forward to you having you contact us.