Hey everybody. Chris Cotton AutoFix, Auto Shop Coaching here.

Wanted to talk about change a little bit.

So you may not know, but one of the most common things we hear from shop owners is that even though they wanted to see the shop grow and become more efficient, they’re afraid of the change that will be required.

So, in this video I want to share three things with you. Number one, you got to jump, you can’t advance your business staying in the same spot. You know, “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. If you always do what you always do, you always get what you always got.

If the fear of change is paralyzing to you then first I need you to make a phone call, all right? You got to come to us, talk to us.

I have enough hope for everybody, to bring you along but you got to jump.

You just have to jump, spread your wings and fly. I promise you, you will not fail and fall flat on your face.

I have not had one business yet that have come to us and that we’ve worked with and they’ve had to close their doors because they went out of business.

It’s just, it’s a rarity. It very, very, very rarely happens.

Okay. Number two. There’s never a better time to start than right now. If you wait for the right time, you’ll just keep putting it off and putting it off. It’s the same thing as being too paralyzed to jump, right?

There’s never been a better time than right now to achieve your dreams and meet your goals. than right now to achieve your dreams and meet your goals.

Number three, how do you turn a coal into diamond? Steady pressure over time. And the only way you’re going to get that steady pressure over time in your business is by setting yourself up with a coach, somebody to hold you accountable to the goals and dreams that you want to achieve and the things you want to do.

So, if you’ve been on the fence and not really ready to take the necessary steps to get your shop where you want it to go, you are right now in the best place to be.

But now you got to move. It’s time to make a decision. It’s time to say yes to your life. And it’s time to say yes for your business. It’s time to say yes for your family. It’s time to take control.

It’s not going to cost you anything to call me.

There’s no commitments except to chat on the phone or via email, but I want you to take the next step by clicking schedule a call below.

And I can’t wait to hear about your shop and your goals. Great 2021, everybody.

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