Rethinking Success: Beyond the Dollar Signs and Toward a Life Well Lived

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Hey folks, it’s time to dive into a topic we all have strong feelings about: success. And let’s not forget it’s often misunderstood sibling, failure. Society tends to give us a pretty one-dimensional image of what success should look like: big bucks, flashy cars, and a house in the ideal neighborhood. But what if success for you means something completely different, and that’s perfectly okay?

The Money Mirage

Growing up with limited financial resources can influence your views on success in one of two ways. Either it makes you crave the material wealth you never had, or it grants you a unique perspective on the non-materialistic aspects of life. For many, the journey from modest beginnings to self-employment is less about amassing wealth and more about embracing work-life balance and the simple joys of time spent with family and friends.

The Trap of Keeping Up With The Joneses

In today’s world, we’re constantly bombarded with images and stories of other people “living their best lives.” But remember, success isn’t a race with others; it’s a personal journey. Like in golf, the aim is to improve your own score, not fret over what everyone else is doing.

Redefining Success: Living Within Yourself

What does success mean to you? Reflect on that for a moment. It could be the ability to take a random day off to go hiking, watch your kids grow without worrying about bills, or travel the world without financial anxiety. These accomplishments may never make headlines, but they are significant.

The Illusion of Overnight Success

The myth of “overnight success” has been perpetuated by social media and our culture’s hunger for instant gratification. What people don’t see are the years of grind, setbacks, and lessons that pave the way for that one ‘magical moment.’ Success is a marathon, not a sprint.

The Value of Coaching

Having a coach can offer you shortcuts and open doors you never knew existed. The right coach won’t just give you the keys to their version of success; they’ll inspire you to define and achieve your own goals.

Success and Emotional Intelligence

It’s not just about IQ or technical skills; emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in achieving a balanced, successful life. How you manage stress, resolve conflict, and maintain relationships can all influence your personal and professional success.

When Success Becomes a Moving Target

Your definition of success will change as you move through different phases of life. It’s not a fixed destination but a continuously evolving journey. And that’s not just okay; it’s natural and healthy.

The Role of Failure

Failure is not your enemy; it’s your mentor. Every setback teaches you something valuable, helps you grow, and, believe it or not, sets you up for future successes. Failure is not a stumbling block but a stepping stone on your unique path to success.

The Importance of Celebrating Small Wins

Don’t overlook the small milestones on your journey to larger goals. Whether it’s satisfying a tough customer, setting a new personal record in golf, or even taking time to appreciate a beautiful day, these small wins make the journey worthwhile.


Success is a deeply personal concept, influenced by our past experiences, present circumstances, and future aspirations. Don’t let society dictate your success metrics. Set your own standards, live by them, and find fulfillment in your own unique journey — both professionally and personally.

Remember, failure isn’t a detour; it’s part of the route. Mentorship and coaching offers shortcuts, emotional intelligence smoothes out the bumps, and small wins keep you motivated. So live your life by your own definition of success, not anyone else’s.




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