I will keep this short and sweet. Please see the following list with links to purchase the books. Each one of these has impacted my life in one way or another. It’s amazing what you can do just by reading and turning that into action. I hope you enjoy.

  1. Eat That Frog: This is an excellent book on how to get more done in less time. Now it’s time to stop procrastinating and get to work.
  2. Go for No: In a world inundated with sales books on getting to yes, this book recommends just the opposite, focusing on how increasing your failure rate can greatly accelerate your movement toward ultimate success. You have to get and process the no’s in order to get to the yeses.
  3. Rich Dad Poor Dad: This book will change the way you think about income, assets & liabilities etc.. It will also teach you the difference in working for your money and your money working for you.
  4. The Richest Man in Babylon: This was an excellent book and a quick read. This book will help you keep your money and make more.
  5. The Millionaire Next Door: Most millionaires don’t live in Beverly Hills, they live next door. This book takes you through how your neighbors do it. Learn and then follow the seven rules
  6. Start with Why:If you know your why you can always find…
  7. Good to Great:How do great companies triumph over time and how do you achieve enduring greatness?

Ok so I kind of fibbed. Of course there are more than 7. These last two for me are a tie for first. One impacts my personal life in a great way and the other impacts my business life in a great way. Always there is some ove

The Total Money Makeover:This is THE book that will change your life forever but, you have to want to live like no one else so you can live like no one else.

Secret Service:These hidden systems will help you deliver great customer service and stimulate thought on other ways you can “WOW” your customers. Also learn how to make price irrelevant.

Please read some of these and enjoy and let me know what you think.


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