Chris Cotton Partners with AutoLeap to Promote Shop Management Excellence

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In his mission to provide top-notch auto repair shop coaching, Chris Cotton has set out on the next leg of his journey: the conference circuit. This smart move is a natural extension of his dedication to educating shop owners and comes with the opportunity to partner with AutoLeap.

As the leading provider of all-in-one auto shop software, AutoLeap shares the love for accelerating the success of auto repair shop owners worldwide. Their software boosts tech productivity, saves you from hours of paperwork, and helps you win over new and existing customers.

Together, AutoLeap and Chris Cotton will hit the road in a joint effort to assist auto shop owners in building successful enterprises. They’ll land at Sunrise Automotive Training & Expo for their debut appearance on June 24-26, 2022.

Are you ready to experience the magic of their collaboration? Check it out.

First Stop – Sunrise Automotive Training on June 24-26, 2022

With AutoLeap as his sponsor, Chris Cotton has accepted the opportunity to educate shop owners at the Sunrise Automotive Training & Expo. Scheduled for June 24-26, 2022, this annual conference lets shop owners, auto techs, and service advisors add their knowledgebase while having a great time.

The expo runs from Friday, June 24th, through Sunday, June 25th, starting with booth setup in the showroom at noon. Attendees can walk through the doors at 1 pm on Friday to check in and explore the showroom floor. Conference activities start earlier through the weekend.

In addition to all the exhibit booths, classes will run back to back each day, followed by meetups, silent auctions, and giveaways. Networking opportunities abound as well, along with plenty of tasty food and drinks for all.

Get the Inside Scoop at the Profits and Cash Flow Class

When it comes to continuing education opportunities, Chris will come on board on Saturday, June 25th, to hold his “AutoShop Profits & Cashflow” class. After all, the Profits & Cashflow System serves as a core piece of the AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching formula. So, it makes sense to roll it out at the start of the educational journey.

The auto shop coaching process starts with this system, giving shop owners a clear-cut way to take back control of their business. They can ditch the need to live paycheck to paycheck, boosting their profit margins higher than ever before. The system also teaches them how to put their money to work for them, paving the way to immense growth through the years.

The profits and cashflow system still remained a mystery to everyone but their valued auto shop coaching clients. By hosting this class, Chris Cotton aims to unlock the secrets for all attendees, letting them experience the magic for themselves.

Enjoy a Chat with Chris Cotton at the AutoLeap Booth

In addition to hosting his “AutoShop Profits & Cashflow” class, Chris Cotton will proudly staff the AutoLeap booth. If you want to have a chat, you’re welcome to swing by and see what’s happening there.

During your visit to their exhibit booth, you’ll see the innovative AutoLeap software in action. They’ll run demos using their devices, so you can check out how the software works.

You’ll get to see the software helps with:

  • Completing digital vehicle inspections
  • Building out and presenting precise estimates
  • Planning and assigning jobs to technicians
  • Ordering parts from all the leading vendors
  • Creating paperwork invoices for customers
  • Communicating with customers about each job
  • Reporting on the overall performance of your shop

If you’re interested in using AutoLeap auto repair shop software for your business, you’ll also get a limited-time offer to consider.

More Chris Cotton Conference Experiences to Come in the Future

Chris Cotton’s appearance at the Sunrise Automotive Training & Expo event will undoubtedly serve as the first of many. Between his drive to help people improve their auto repair shops and his partnership with AutoLeap, class opportunities will likely continue well into the future.

The next event has not yet hit the schedule, but you’ll be the first to know when it does. And you can count on Chris Cotton and AutoLeap to promote shop management excellence—no matter where they end up. To avoid missing out, just stick around—and keep your eye on the blog—to find out where this awesome duo will appear next.

For Now, Check Out the Podcast and Partner with Your Auto Shop Coach

In the meantime, you can stay busy learning all about the auto repair shop coaching world by listening to the podcast. 

Dubbed the “Weekly Blitz with Chris Cotton,” this show promises to teach you the top tips and tricks in the automotive world. From developing your shop culture to learning the importance of saying no, there are tons of effective moves you can make to stay in the game constantly.

Contact Chris Cotton today if you’d like to cut straight to the chase and get auto shop coaching set up for your business. You’re always welcome to schedule a call online or simply give us a ring at 940-400-1008

We’ll spend time learning all about your business setup, needs, and goals, and then give you the lowdown on what it’ll take to excel in the industry. We look forward to helping you, so please feel free to reach out at your convenience to get started.

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