Auto Shop Coaching, Georgia!

Chris Cotton provides auto shop coaching and management training unlike any other in the country. If you are in the Atlanta area and own a Euro, transmission, or diesel shop that could definitely do better, AutoFix SOS (Save Our Shops) helps you maximize profits with diesel shop coaching that is tailored to the unique needs of your business. It’s a personalized approach to resolve the issues/problem areas that may be holding the success of your auto shop back! A fresh set of eyes and ears from someone who’s been in the industry for decades and seen it all can be the difference between complete failure and unimaginable success.

As a trusted lube shop coach Chris has helped countless shop owners around the country boost auto shop profits beyond what they thought possible. One of Chris’s favorite sayings is, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” Think about it; you know a lot, but what all is there you may not know? You don’t know!

There are so many areas to focus on in this industry, and if you try to do it all yourself it is extremely difficult to excel in all aspects. For instance, do you have cash flow issues, and if you do, are you sure you know what the problem(s) may be? Between inventory, overhead, payroll, and other things it is all too easy to have more money going out than what you are bringing in. This is a certain path to failure if not corrected; exceptional transmission shop management training just might be the answer.

Are you good at thinking outside the box when trying to solve problems? Great auto shop coaching involves brainstorming and bouncing new ideas around. It’s often hard to see what the real issues are when you are so close to them. By bringing in a Euro shop coach, you have someone with no ties to your business who can see things from a different perspective. When you work with a business partner or family member in trying to resolve problems, it often results in blaming or judging. Our transmission shop coaching and management training makes it possible for a professional with no personal interest in your business to help you, hold you accountable, and improve your shop in so many ways.


Do you have a great crew that works together in a cohesive way in your tire or lube shop? In order for your business to be successful, it is imperative that you have technicians and mechanics who not only do excellent work, but who work together for the good of your auto shop. Sometimes personalities clash, which makes for an uncomfortable, tense shop atmosphere. Not good!

Are your prices set in a way that you can be profitable and at the same time be competitive for customers? The accounting end of things is what’s often so difficult for transmission shop owners, given the cost of inventory and what you charge for repairs aren’t the only variables to consider. Every penny spent directly affects profits, whether it’s the utility bills, employee wages, or other costs.

Are you ready to maximize profits and pull your business up by the bootstraps? If you are interested in transmission shop coaching provided by the best in the industry and are in the Atlanta area, learn more now by calling (940) 400-1008.


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