From Struggle to Success: Auto Repair Shops Transformed by AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching

Achieve Auto Shop Excellence with AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching with Real Business Transformation Stories. Image of a happy diverse auto repair shop owner shaking hands with a male auto repair shop coach.

The Power of Expert Coaching

In the competitive auto repair industry, success hinges on strategic business management, exceptional customer service, and continuous growth. AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching, led by Chris Cotton, excels in driving auto repair, quick lube, and tire shops to new heights, focusing on profits, cash flow, and client relationships.

Why Choose AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching?

AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching, guided by the ‘Save Our Shop’ philosophy, stands out as the best auto repair shop coach, specializing in turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

Real Success Stories

The journeys of our clients from challenge to success illustrate the effectiveness of AutoFix coaching.

Client Testimonial from Carmen Z.

“We can’t say enough good things about AutoFix and our coach Brent! Their guidance and expertise have completely transformed our business operations, making it a more profitable and efficient venture. From the moment we engaged with their team, we were impressed with the depth of insight they provided, which allowed us to navigate the often complex world of staffing, payroll, and accountability with confidence.”

Client Testimonial from Catherine N.

“We LOVE working with Chris – he is a versatile, trustworthy, kind coach who helps us think through all of the facets of business ownership – employee coaching, leadership development, shop performance, staffing, etc. He is a thought partner for all of our questions, doubts and dreams. He is both responsive to our needs and thoughtful about proposing things we should focus on that we might not be aware of yet. Recently he’s started working with our shop manager on metrics to get much more mature and precise about optimizing shop performance. We are all learning a ton.”

Client Testimonial from Jessica M.

“Reaching out to Chris Cotton at AutoFix was the best decision we could have made for our business. Within the first few months of working with Chris, we experienced major improvements and we are currently on track to finish this year with the highest sales/profits since opening in 2007. His guidance is truly unmatched.”

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How AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching Makes a Difference

AutoFix’s coaching is tailored, comprehensive, and result-oriented, focusing on personalized strategies, comprehensive support, and tangible outcomes.

Your Path to Success with AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching

Are you ready to transform your business with AutoFix Auto Shop Coaching? Contact us at (940) 400-1008 or visit to start your journey.



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