• Leading by example. Talk to employees about your struggles and successes. Open up and allow your employees to realize that people at all levels of an organization have differences. Focus on how you met and overcame those difficulties to reach your goals.
  • Teach your employees to challenge what they know. Have them analyze their thoughts and have them challenge themselves to find other ways to enhance their work methods. Teach them that it’s ok to fail. In doing this you will remove the bad feelings related to failure.
  • Come up with a scorecard that recognizes successes instead of punishing failures. Set achievable goals. Make the tracking of them public and accessible to all staff members. If you can track it, you can measure it. If you can measure it, you can overcome the obstacles or you can build on the successes. Make the meeting of these goals public and create a fun way to celebrate them.
  • Create an environment of optimism. Encourage employees in all aspects of their lives. Optimism motivates employees to keep working towards goals and encourages problem solving instead of complaining. Also, learn what your employee’s personal goals are, and then do what you can to make those goals a reality.
  • Be organized. Minimize the impact of rough days by keeping your work area organized. Set and then make sure you meet those deadlines. Stick to the schedule you develop.
  • If you break it, you fix it. If you contribute to a problem, fess up to your part in it and make it right. Then, take time to study what went wrong and find out why. Ask yourself how you could have done things differently and how can you keep it from happening again. Encourage you employees to do the same thing.
  • Your body is a temple. If you look good, if you feel good, if you are physically and emotionally healthy, you will be able to handle any crisis that may come along. Don’t get caught up in things that you have no control over. Find something outside of work that you can look forward to and feel good about.
  • When employees experience variety in a focused workday, work becomes manageable, calm and less problematic. Stay out of stress inducing situations. Help employees identify job related stresses and give them ways to manage these situations and help them find ways to work around them.


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