• Be on time. Like running behind on your route, being late to work throws your entire business off schedule. It doesn’t mean you have to be there from 7:00-7:00 every day. It does mean if you tell your employees that you will work from 9:00-4:00, then you need to be there from 9:00-4:00.
  • Training. All bus drivers have had a certain amount of training. So have you, whether it’s been self-taught or learned. From start to finish your training should give you the deepest process to run a good business. Do things the way you trained your staff to do them. Do not return back to this is the way I trained but this is how I do it when no one is looking. Your staff will notice.
  • Start a Focused Routine. Bus drivers maintain focus during their routes. Integrate focus into your routines. People always talk about what great multi-taskers they are. Bullshit, show me a “great” multi-tasker and I will show you someone that half-asses most of what they do. Get organized and focus on moving from task to task effectively.
  • Pay attention to the signs. A bus driver reads and pays attention to all the signs on the road, deciding which ones to discard and which ones to heed. As you move about your business, there will be signs from employees, vendors, customers. Some you need to pay special attention to and some you can discard.
  • It’s your bus, drive it. When you’re driving the bus you have your back turned to the little heathens in the back. You can’t just turn and yell at the people riding your bus at the stop sign then keep going. Sometimes when the passengers get unruly you have to pull that thing over and talk to them, write them up, be a leader.
  • As stated before, sometimes you have to pull that thing over. If you think it’s a good idea to stop and talk to someone then it probably is. Follow your instincts and don’t let a good coaching opportunity pass you by.
  • Have the correct people in the right place on the bus. As the owner/operator, you should always be in the driver seat. If you have a store manager, they should be right behind you watching everything else but going in the same direction. If you do have people that are in the wrong spot on the bus, don’t be afraid to move them to a position that more suits them better. Think about moving two unruly kids that sit together to opposite ends of the bus. After all of this if you still have people that don’t fit or aren’t going in the same direction as everyone else. It’s time to find them a seat on a different bus.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.Sometimes you need help backing up because you can’t see what’s there. It’s very difficult to concentrate with a buss full of distractions.

If you’re ready for someone to help you overcome all the distractions and help guide your bus in the right direction. Then give me a call and let’s get moving forward.


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