Experience the Performance of an AutoFix Level Up Peer Groups:

Group Key Performance Indicator Review. Each member’s financial results are compared and analyzed for potential improvements.

Benefit This rich discussion helps identify how members are achieving great results and learning how others can learn and improve from other members’ successes and failures.

Executive Discussion.
Prior to each meeting members submit topics for the executive discussion session.

Benefit– Each member faces the same challenges and opportunities so it is very helpful to have other experienced opinions on how to handle issues that we all face every day. Members generally agree that this is one of the most important and productive parts of the meeting.

Host Dealer Visit
. One afternoon is spent visiting the host dealers’ location, with teams assigned to review specific areas: Exterior, Showroom and Shop, Workflow processes and Personnel.

Benefit– Feedback is presented to the host offering suggestions for improvement. Well-run operations see good ideas from this constructive feedback. It also helps visiting shops come up with ideas about how they would like to improve their operation.

RO Audits.
We will swap repair orders and do an analysis of what we see.

Benefit–  We then have a group discussion on what we find with areas of improvement and any

Best Idea Award
. Each member is required to bring their best idea for this competition! Shop Owners vote on the winner.

Benefit–   Each member takes away great ideas for use in their business operations. The winner receives a 489.00 Visa Gift Card.

Accountability Partner Groups.
We will assign 5, 4 person teams to hold each other accountable to our action items.

Benefit– You will be able to check in with each other as often as you like and you will have someone that shows mutual interest in what you said you would do.

Action List.
Members make a “key action item list” during the meeting of those ideas that excited them the most during the meeting and which they think will help improve their operation.

Benefit–  During the next few months with their accountability groups and during Facebook Groups report on their achievements. Along with the partner groups this adds accountability to the member-owners.

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